Boyce Larsen provides skilled services for clients seeking to navigate their ways through the probate courts of Georgia. Whether a client’s issue is contested or not, our professionals have the experience necessary to help prevent an already difficult situation from becoming worse. Boyce Larsen provides the following services to our clients:

Uncontested Estate Administration

Draft and file the requisite paperwork to open the administration of an estate and/or will for probate, as well as petition the probate court to provide for the appointment of an executor (in the event the departed had a will) or a personal representative (when the departed left no will). Assist client with the closing of the estate once creditors and beneficiaries have been paid.

Will Contests

Provide aggressive representation in matters of challenges to wills due to improper will execution, undue influence, coercion, duress, and claims relating to surviving spouses and minor children who have been excluded from a will’s dispositions of a departed’s property.

Petition for Guardianship and Conservatorship

Draft, file, and pursue claims and defend against claims relating to petitions for guardianship of minor children and incapacitated adults. Also, provide representation for matters of conservatorship petition relating to the management of property for those individuals.

Petition for Year’s Support

Enforce and uphold rights to monies and other support owed to the surviving spouse and minor children of a departed. Also, our attorneys provide representation for estates against such claims as being excessive and improper under the law and circumstances.

Legal Action Against Executors

Pursue and defend claims relating to claims of breaches of fiduciary duties owed by Executors, Personal Representative, and Trustees. Many claims involve improper investments, mismanagement, failure to provide reporting to beneficiaries, embezzlement, self-dealing, inadequate valuation of assets, and many other issues.