estate planning Whether you are planning for the financial well-being of your family and loved ones after you pass away, need help with administration of estate matters when a loved one dies, or need zealous representation in a probate court for estate  →

Workers’ Compensation

workers compensation Boyce Larsen knows that anyone who gets hurt on the job will have questions and need answers FAST.  You have been injured at work—Am I going to get paid while I cannot work? Is it going to be enough to  →

Criminal Defense

criminal defense Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  All three of those could be at stake when you are accused of a crime.  At Boyce Larsen, we offer aggressive defense with an understanding of how the prosecution in your case is  →


biz Boyce Larsen understands the stresses and concerns that new and existing businesses go through in terms of tax planning, government regulations, and the simple acts of day-to-day operations. Allow our skilled attorneys to take on these burdens of legal and  →