Self-Proving Wills: Another Reason to Update Your Will

Has it been a long time since you last updated your will?  Has it been 15 years?  Longer?  As previously discussed, there are numerous changes in one’s circumstances that warrant updating a will.  Another reason to update your will is  →

Regularly Updating Wills: A Regular Necessity

Is regularly updating your will just as important as seeing your physician each year?  No, but just like never seeing your doctor, not revisiting your will can result in adverse consequences for your estate planning.  Any changes to your family  →

A Power of Attorney: A Way to Avoid a Costly Court Battle

In the event of a loved one becoming incapacitated in Georgia, many people have to resort to seeking the appointment of a Guardian and Conservator through a formal petition in a local probate court.  Currently, this involves a process where  →

Using a Will to Appoint a Guardian for your Minor Children

As mentioned in an earlier post, even though a couple may not have enough assets that could warrant a great deal of estate planning, if you have minor children, it is still extremely important that you get a will done.  →

Joint Real Estate Property: A Means to Avoid Probate

Couples going in together to purchase a home: a common and important milestone in any relationship.  Unfortunately, the wording for the purchase of that home can have unintended consequences, especially when one in the couple dies. Most couples buy a  →

Married with Children? Basic Will Planning Concerns

Married with Children?  Basic Will Planning Concerns Are you in your twenties or thirties, married, and have recently started a family?  Do not let the thought that you and your spouse may not have a lot of assets trick you  →